Writing Prompt 2

Prompt 2:

Eye Contact: Write about two people seeing each other for the first time.

Submission A:

Green into Blue & Blue into Green

I looked up from my grocery store sushi when I heard the cough. I was eating at the few tables at the front of the Whole Foods. I had a few hours between classes at the University. It was raining outside, and I realized that all the tables but mine had filled up since I started eating.

There she was, a beauty, a stunning redhead, my throat tightened, I couldn’t talk. I stared into those big green eyes, and raised my eyebrows to say, “yes?”

This dude, nerdy, but in a cute way, was taking up a table alone. WTH? It’s raining outside, the place is packed, and he eats alone, oblivious? I’m going to sit. I don’t have time to wait. I have to get back to work. Maybe if I clear my throat, I can get his attention. “MmHmm!”

He startled and looked up, mouth agape, as we became aware of his surroundings. His eyes though, wide and blue, and what a blue, bright and inquisitive, I felt like I could fall right in and be happy forever. He raised an eyebrow and made a sweeping gesture of welcome.

I shed my raincoat and sat, across from him. As I opened my sandwich I heard a tremulous whisper, “I’m Mmmark, what’s your name?” I looked up into a blushing face and a sweet smile, and those amazing blue eyes, hesitated, and said “Susan.”

“Hi Susan,” he said, voice suddenly more confident, “I’m sorry I was so lost in thought, and hogging a table. Good on you for stepping up, and waking me.” “Thank you, Mark, I appreciate that. It’s just so wet out, and I have to get back to work soon.”

She was so pretty, and brave, and seemed kind and smart, and those green eyes, I just wanted to fall in them and swim forever. She checked all my boxes. I had to say something to keep this encounter going. As she took a bite of her sandwich, I said, “what type of work do you do? I’m so sorry, eat, I’ll talk, and my sushi can wait. I’m in grad school at the University. I have a couple of hours between classes. I’m working on my library science masters.”

I took a few more bites, swallowed, and said, “really? You want to be a librarian? Cool! I’m a paralegal for a firm across the street. I’m working there as I study for the LSAT. I’ve always wanted to be a legal services attorney. Helping those who are on the short end of the legal stick.”

“Really? That’s way cooler, and a great coincidence. All mylibrary work experience has been at the University’s Law School Library. If I can ever be of help to you, Susan, I’d be happy to,” I said, and fished out a business card and handed it to her.

I looked at Mark’s card, and said to myself, nice. Nice guy, smart, cute, helpful, and seems to care about others, and those eyes are sucking me in. This is a happy coincidence. “Mark,” I said, “thank you, I will take you up on that. I’m going to have to run and get back, though. It was really nice meeting you – seriously.”

“That’s too bad Susan, I wish we had more time to chat, but, I understand. I have to say, though, I think you’re special, and I’d love to take you to dinner – nothing fancy – maybe that new El Salvadoran restaurant over on Barton Street?” She smiled.

I smiled, “maybe, Mark,” I’m pretty busy, but, do you want my number? Here’s my card from the firm,” I say and jot down my number on the back, “call me, Mark.” “I will Susan, and thank you. Oh, my cell number is on my card, too.“

We stared briefly into each other’s eyes, blue into green, and green into blue. Then she was gone into the rain.

Wow! What the heck just happened, I thought to myself, I’ve never had such an intense reaction from meeting a person, before. She’s someone. I HAVE to call her, soon!

I was out the door into the rain fast. Meeting Mark was like being hit in the heart with a hammer. I’ve never felt that feeling before. He’d better call. If not, I’m calling him. 

“I need to know if that feeling is still there next time,” they both said to themselves.

Submission 2:

Your Eyes

Looking into them
The most magical thing is
Each time is the first.

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