Writing Prompt 6:

Fire-starters: Write about building a fire.

Submission A:

The Fire Starter


not Drew Barrymore.

the book was better, anyway.

Are we talking kindling?

a lighter?


a kiss?

Yes, a kiss,

or a look,

or a touch,

or a smile.

All can start a fire.

All can keep you warm.

Until the flames die.

So, it’s not just about starting fires.

It’s about feeding them, nurturing them,

willing them to grow.

It’s stunning how long an untended coal can smolder,

buried deep


And then, with the right mixture of oxygen and fuel,

burst alive,

all consuming.

But it’s a risk.

A dangerous way to love.

Sometimes the coal dies.

No spark remains.

But then, a random event,

a lightening strike,

the heat, the power,

finds its way to that dead coal,

and breathes life into it again.

Fire is life.

Do your best to keep it alive,

or give up and hope for re-ignition,

or rebirth.

I am an ember

floating on the breeze

hoping for fuel.

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